Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Great Crusade Campaigns

After seeing/reading all of the feedback, battle reports, photos and general comments of some recent events held in the UK (most you know what I'm on about and yes I'm jealous!).

I felt that it would be interesting to do try and do something similar among my regular gaming buddies.
My group of gaming buddies has recently expanded from 2 -3 others to nearly 6 -7 others.
Most of them are just starting to play.
One of them has only been playing/collecting for just over a month and now has already or currently on the way in the mail, around 4 - 5000 pts of Dark Eldar and close to 8000 pts of Chaos Marines.

So I'm currently going over the Tempus Fugitives Campaign info from their website.
I'm trying to adapt it slightly to help it fit our armies, which isn't all that hard.
Personally I'm hoping that they all like the idea and go for it.
I've already convinced one of them, and he thinks he can sell the idea to another one.
Now I just have to try & convince the other 5. :)

I'm hoping they say yes, as I can't wait to try out some of the elite units and Characters from the rule set.

I'll keep everyone posted on the progress of it all


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  1. Good luck with that mate! To be honest, the Tempus Fugitives rules are pretty balanced, or they are at least until you include the Primarchs ;) (I found out the hard way that to kill one, you need one of your own - I literally charged my entire army into Dorn during one game, and he killed all of them!)