Friday, November 6, 2009

Miniature Pics

Well its about time I posted some photos of my Models, so here you go.

First Up Captain Yvraith Syrakul.

Company Standard Bearer

A Luna Wolf Tactical Marine

A Group Shot

Kalus Ekaddon

Some Work in Progress Pics (From Basecoat upwards)

Scouts (Stages 1-3)

Marines (Stages 2 - 4)

Marine Sergeants (Stage 4)

And something from another Legion
The first glimpses, ever, of WIP Ancient Rylanor of the Emperor's Children.

This next shot shows the difference between the Basecoat colour 
on the Engine Housing
and the Final Shade on the Autocannon Arm.

 Hope you like them.



  1. Ooh, very purdy Rylanor! *duffs fluff nazi hat* But didn't he have an assault cannon? :D

  2. In Fulgrim he is described with an Assault Cannon, however due to how my force is set earlier in the crusade, I'll just claim that they haven't been introduced yet.

    Besides I think the Autocannons look better. ;)