Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Month of Apparent Inactivity

Well, it's sort of true, not a lot of figures finished. But many started and painted to near table-top standard.
Lots more modelled (like a magnetised Rhino or two!) and a couple of other bits and pieces in the pipeline.
Photos to come in the new year.

I have managed to enthuse some of my gaming buddies about the Pre-heresy era, especially after showing them some of the Tempus Fugitives Units & Characters. (A campaign could be around the corner if we can get a couple more of them interested.)
To the extent that one of them has mentioned it to our FLGS staff members and asked about the possibility of playing/running a Great Crusade/Heresy demo table at the regional tournament in the middle of the year.

I have however managed to play quite a few games in this time, experimenting with different styles of lists with mixed results.  I sprang upon the idea of introducing secret missions for players in some of our games to bring in something from left field, which I think adds to the feel of the current standard 40k rulebook mission sets.
An easy way I found of doing this is by using the old 2nd ed. Mission cards, shuffling them and then drawing one at random, keeping it hidden and adding just a little bit of guess work and suspicion back into our games.
"Is my opponent trying to hold that innocuous part of the table or is he baiting me into a position to assassinate my commander?"
I think it adds a slight bit of realism, as commanders on the ground in real life have little to no idea what their opposite number is ultimately after. Other than what they'd do in the same situation.

Anyway, just in case I don't post again beforehand.
I hope everyone has a happy holiday and that the jolly, fat man in the red suit brings you something that really want.