Monday, June 17, 2013

Preparing for my second event - the annual "States Championship"

Well, I have decided to try my hand on the tournament side of things once again.
To be honest I did have a really good time at my first event, luckily I didn't draw any "pain in the arse" opponents. Even in my 3rd game where I got tabled, I still enjoyed myself.

This time I'm going all drop pod assault.
7 Drop pods in total, for a complete null deployment.
Luckily most of my army will roll over from the last list, so not too much work to do.

I am dropping both Kantor & Lysander from my list & taking Sicarius as my only HQ.
He provides my tactical squads with some very useful "veteran" skills & table wide leadership 10!
Plus he will allow me to make the most of "Combat Tactics," which hopefully I can use to it's full advantage by keeping opponents at mid-range & rapid firing them to full effect.

My complete list is as follows. (1850 pts.)

HQ: Cato Sicarius (who will be represented by the lovely new Praetor model from Forge World)

Command Squad: Apothecary, 4 x Veterans with Storm Shield & Meltagun, in Drop Pod.
   (These guys performed rather well for me last time.)

Sternguard Squad (9): Sgt with Melta bombs, in Drop Pod.
   (Hopefully they can deal with any light infantry hiding in cover....)

Tactical Squad (10): Flamer & Heavy Bolter, in Drop Pod
Tactical Squad (10): Flamer & Missile Launcher, in Drop Pod
Tactical Squad (10): Flamer & Missile Launcher, in Drop Pod
Tactical Squad (10): Meltagun & Multi-melta, in Drop Pod

Fast Attack: Storm Talon with Skyhammer Missile Launcher
(this unit is not pre-heresy, but it will give me something cheap to help deal with other flyers.)

Heavy Support:
Devastator Squad (6): 4 x Multi-Meltas, in Drop Pod.

So any thoughts on the list?
I have toyed with dropping a Sternguard veteran & arming one of my tactical squads to tote Plasma gun & Plasma Cannon, but I'm not certain at this stage.

Building & painting wise, all I have to do is:
Assemble & paint 4 drop pods - which are painted black, so that's nice & easy (I may even throw some weathering powders at them, if I have the time.
I have to assemble & paint my new "Captain Sicarius" model.
As well as assemble 5 x Multi-melta marines
Assemble & Paint the Storm Talon
and paint/weather my new display board.
I should be able to knock that over in a month, pretty easy... I hope!

Plus with the new FW Luna Wolf decals (Why did they change the legion symbol???)
I should be able to cover everything I have with lots of Legion Icons.