Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Some WIP Justaerin Terminators

I'm currently in the process of trying to get my Army sorted out for the conclusion of the Ullanor Worldwide campaign, being run by the rest of the gang at The Great Crusade.
Conveniently I'm holidaying in the UK and the guys were kind enough to organise to hold a Gaming Weekend whilst I'm there, giving my a chance to meet some of the board members face to face and have a couple of days of Pre-heresy gaming.

So here are some WIP shots of my Justaerin Terminators,
I'm getting them prepared to take down some Ork scum.
They are only at the basecoat stage so far, with some highlights/shading and details to come.

The shoulder pad trim I'm planning on making a shining Gold to make them look a little different to 40k Black Legion Colours, I've modelled the Auto-cannon because I subscribe that Assault Cannons weren't used/developed yet.
However for simplicity they count as an Assault Cannon in game, as I use Codex: Space Marines for gaming purposes.

There should be more updates in the next few weeks as I get my arse into gear and get stuff painted.
Until next time, "Keep your Bolter Firing!"