Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Preparing for a January Tournament

Wow,  it's been nearly forever since I updated this blog. For those of you who still follow it, you probably just forgot it even existed.

Since my last post, so much has happened, both in real life & the gaming community.
I started a new job, which has been great.
6th Ed 40k was released, which has one of the better merging of rule sets.
Although I still don't like flyers being involved in normal games, Apocalypse yes, normal 40K no.
And Forgeworld released the first of The Horus Heresy books... and there was much rejoicing. (unless you were my Credit card, who is still crying "Rape!"

Most of you will already be across most of these goings on, so I will stop there & get back to the reason for the post.
I'm preparing for my first Tourney & my Luna Wolves are going to attempt to cause some havoc & adoration all at the same time...
Me normally being fluff driven with my lists, this was going to be a new challenge, can I merge an effective tourney army with being fluffy as well, & be successful with it on the table?

Being the first tourney to play with the 6th ed rule set, in my area. All of the missions are straight out of the Rulebook, so there will be no surprises.
 It should be an interesting experience... I anticipate seeing lots of Grey Knights, Chaos & Necrons lists, with an odd smattering of Dark Eldar, Vulkan led Marines, Blood Angels etc.
With a lesser amount of Orks & maybe even Tau or Eldar...

Okay so here is what I am planning on taking. (With modelling notes attached - photo's will be forthcoming as the units are finished & I get home to a decent camera.)

HQ 1 - Pedro Kantor (Warlord) (for scoring Sternguard, army wide Stubborn & Orbital Bombardment)
HQ 2 - Captain Lysander (for bolter drill, bolster defences & being a major threat/counter to assault)

Command Squad - Apothecary, 4 x marines with Storm Shield, Meltaguns & Chainsword, in a drop pod.
(These will be modelled in Mk 3 Armour with the FW boarding shields.... should look pretty cool)
I unashamedly stole this unit idea - after facing it on the table not long ago.

Elite 1 - 10 x Sternguard, Sgt with Meltabombs, in Drop Pod - Lysander will ride with these boys.
(These will also be modelled in Mk 3 Armour with box fed Boltguns)

Both of these squads, will be my in your face units, dropping in to execute certain targets & hopefully gain me first blood Victory Points....

Troops 1 - Tactical Squad (10) Flamer & Missile Launcher, Sgt with Power Weapon & Melta Bombs
(In Mk 4 Armour)

Troops 2 - Tactical Squad (10) - equipped & modelled as above

Troops 3 - Tact. Squad (10) - equipped & modelled as above. (Sgt with Chainsword & Meltabombs)

Troops 4 - Tact. Squad (10) - equipped & modelled as above, in Drop Pod.
(Which depending on the scenario will mostly be empty.)

Heavy Support 1 - Devastator Squad (5) - 4 x Missile Launchers, Sgt with Meltabombs.
(Modelled in Mk 4 Armour, with Forge World pattern Missile Launchers.

Some of you may be surprised at me not taking a fortification with quad gun, due to the prevalence of flyers in this edition.
My plan is to pretty much ignore the flyers & kill everything else, force my opponent to react to me, not the other way around.

Thoughts & any comments, if any of you still check this blog that is, will be welcome.

I'll give updates on painting & modelling as I can.

Plus reports of lead up games & how I go in the tourney too.